Ubiquitous Text Interaction

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Ubiquitous Text Interaction

Keith Vertanen, Mark Dunlop, Xiaojun Bi, Kyle Montague, Ahmed Sabbir Arif, Shiri Azenkot

CHI '17: Extended Abstracts of the ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (workshop), 2017.

Computer-based interactions increasingly pervade our everyday environments. Be it on a mobile device, a wearable device, a wall-sized display, or an augmented reality device, interactive systems often rely on the consumption, composition, and manipulation of text. The focus of this workshop is on exploring the problems and opportunities of text interactions that are embedded in our environments, available all the time, and used by people who may be constrained by device, situation, or disability. This workshop welcomes all researchers interested in interactive systems that rely on text input or output. Participants should submit a short position statement outlining their background, past work, future plans, and suggesting a use-case they would like to explore in-depth during the workshop. During the workshop, small teams will form around common or compelling use cases. Teams will spend time brainstorming, creating low-fidelity prototypes, and discussing their use-case with the group. Participants may optionally submit a technical paper for presentation as part of the workshop program. The workshop serves to sustain and build the community of text entry researchers who attend CHI. It provides an opportunity for new members to join this community, soliciting feedback from experts in a small and supportive environment.