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  • 1999
    • November
      • Misadventures of the Tasmania Expedition
        Hi all, Well after weeks of planning and equipment preparation, the six members (Art, Johan, John, Dean, Dave, and myself) of the Tasmania expedition piled into Art's station wagon. Our destination: the Overland track in the mountains of Tasmania. The Overland is supposedly one of the best in a

  • 1998
    • August
      • Getting Out of Africa
        After my climb of Kilimanjaro, I made my way back to Arusha. From here I was heading for a rendezvous with Neil and Sara on Zanzibar, an island off the east coast of Tanzania. I took the first morning "express deluxe" bus from Arusha to Dar es Salaam. An African bus station is certainly a

      • Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti

        Three men taking a break at the building in from of the YMCA.

        Despite being 7pm on Sunday, I was ushered in by the nurse. The doctor

      • Zambian Justice
        When we last left our heroes, Katy and I had just been robbed by an unknown assailant in the woods of Zambia. The next day, we had been told to report back to the police stations just across the border. Well we had firmly established the previous evening (in an attempt to partake in a boat cruise ac

      • The Gnashing Jaws of Death
        We left the delta and Botswana behind, travelling to the big tourist destination of Victoria Falls. The natural wonder of the falls seems to take a second seat to the ridiculous number of adrenaline sports being offered: white-water rafting, river-boarding, micro lighting, parachuting, bungee jumpin

      • Big Blue Goretex Burrito

        Late afternoon shadows on a government building in Windhoek.

        We spent two nights and a day in Windhoek. What to say, it is a city lik

    • July
      • Where the Wild Things Are
        After we recovered from an evening at the cheetah park bar (Tina had set us up with tabs, this was a bad thing for most involved), we drove to Etasha national park. For the next three days are lives revolved around seeing wildlife. If we weren't eating or sleeping, we were driving around looking

      • Beware of Freak Waves

        Neil and his first fish.

        Our first adventure activity in Swakamund was "deep-sea" fishing. About 8 of us went out in two

      • Sand, Mmmm Delicious Sand
        Hello all! Well I made it back safely to the states. No bombs actually exploded anywhere near me and I was a country or two away from the war in the Congo. Hopefully things have calmed down over there, but I have no way to know, the US media is now in 24 hour/day Monica coverage. Oh well, should b

      • Keep on Trucking, Africa Style
        On the 15th of July, we started our five weeks of travel with 'Truck Africa'. The truck will take us from Cape Town South Africa up to Harare Zimbabwe. Now I'm not big on guided tours, but the public transport in Africa is pretty lousy. If you want to go to the out of the way parks and s

      • Hello from Africa
        "On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again. Going places that I've never been, I just can't wait to get on the road again."

        Hello everyone. Sorry if you haven't heard from me in awhile, since my return from Europe, I've been busying doing my

  • 1997
    • October
      • Olympic National Park Day Hike
        By Art Weidner

        It started out very promising. Keith arrived Thursday night in Everett and gave Mandy and Art a 2.5 hour slide show of his year in Europe. Art left Keith at his place Friday morning to study the possible trails for Saturday's hike. They had decided to only d

    • August
      • I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane
        I arrived in Madrid early in the morning. It was nice to be only staying for a day since that allowed me to just put my pack in a locker at the train station and hit the streets. I was a little worried about the heat, Lonely Planet had said "if your crazy enough to come here in the middle of

      • Tour de Andorra y Barcelona
        After waking to the Matterhorn and returning to Zermatt, I grabbed the rack railway back down out of the mountains (if that is possible in Switzerland). I traveled onward to the city of Lussane on the shore of lake Geneva via the Italian Pendolino high speed train. The Pendolino was my favorite of

      • Cappuccino & Gnocchi, Topped Off with the Matterhorn
        Fed up with the Austrian weather, Venice seemed like a good place to go. The only direct night train was supplement only (i.e. you must pay in addition to the railpass) so I used a combination of 3 trains. I met a couple of Swedish backpackers with the same destination in mind. The highlight of th

    • July
      • The Wall is Alive with the Sounds of Budvar

        Close-up of a mural on the Berlin wall.

        After a night in a hostel overrun with high school kids, I went on a tour of the "Terror and Division" sights.

      • Down and Out in Moscow

        If you haven't heard, I made it back safely to the land of taco bell and gigantic 24-hour grocery stores. Now if only they had apple mentos around here somewhere... I'll finish off my updates in several parts as I get around to writing them.

    • June
      • From Russia with Love
        Do not think this got to you from Russia so here goes from a train station in Switzerland. Got to get to my train or I would write more.

        Hello comrade!

        You are receiving this broadcast live and direct from St. Petersburg in the former Soviet Union. The hostel here, of all pla

      • In the Land of the English Speakers


        First of all, a jatte valkomen to the new people on the list, I thought I'd add you guys before I lost all the email addresses I've collected the last few days.

        I spent the month of May traveling around Britain and Ireland. It was quite a change, after 9 m

    • April
      • Sweden, North to South in a Week

        After a very brief stay (1 day) in Linköping after returning from the World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage (tm), I hit the rails again. The plan was to go cross-country ski trekking up in Abisko National Park, in the jättenorthern reaches of Sweden.

        The trip wa

      • The World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage

        Well I have returned to Linköping for April. I was reading my journal thinking about what to write for this update and it occurred to me the raw journal entries might be more interesting and a change of pace from an edited summary.

        Since it isn't edited, it will

    • March
      • Åre and Finnish Roots

        Towards the end of January, it was time for Apple Ski Week, an annual trip the sporting association takes to a resort in Åre Sweden. Neil and I had obtained tickets in September by queuing overnight at the student union (it is quite common here to wait in line 6 hours to buy t

    • March
      • Statistical Alcoholic Welfare Policies of Freiburg

        When we last left our hero, I had just returned from 3 weeks traveling about Europe. Unfortunately, it was then time to get a little work done. Maybe I'll describe some of my studies, just so you guys don't get the wrong idea.

        A few days after getting back I had a

    • January
      • In Search of the Mentos Factory...
        Hej hej,

        I trust everyone has had a good holiday season. I certainly had a memorable holiday (read: you better get that tea ready, this one could set a record).

        After returning home from the K&M 12-day super tour, I spent two weeks back in Linköping. There were numer

  • 1996
    • December
      • The K&M 12-day Super Tour


        Warning: this is long. Best get comfortable, maybe fix a cup of tea.

        Most of November was quite slow, nothing to do but go to the occasional class and hope something good was on TV at night.

        • Wobbly Lure 2, Fish 0

          My last month here as been a little slower paced than the first two. I completed my course 'Sweden and the Swedes' two weeks ago. We had an essay exam on the first half of the course (which I passed with distinction mind you). I also had a second go at the exam for my S

      • September
        • Autumn in Sweden

          Here is a summary of my last month here.

          Johan and Joran walking down a farm road.

          The first three weeks in Sweden were gorgeous. It was sunny

      • August
        • ABBA Dabba Do!

          Swedish flag flying in front of Johan's grandma's barn.

          There are quite a few other international students here. I think around 40 right now,

    • 1995
      • March
        • Spring Break 95, Southwest USA

          Eleven weeks on the plains of west central Minnesota... Eleven weeks starring out at the tundra, it seems to stretch infinitely in all directions. Surely there must be something beyond the wasteland, something new, something wonderful. The spirit of exploration welled up within a small group o

    • 1994
      • November
        • Lizard Island & Cairns
          G'day all, Well after taking my data coms final exam (scoring 111/180, ok not stellar performance, but I passed), I packed up my dive gear and headed north. The plan was to camp for two weeks on Lizard Island, a small exclusive resort island NE of Cairns.

          There is not much on the is

      • October
        • Misadventures of the Tasmania Expedition

          Hi all, Well after weeks of planning and equipment preparation, the six members (Art, Johan, John, Dean, Dave, and myself) of the Tasmania expedition piled into Art's station wagon. Our destination: the Overland track in the mountains of Tasmania. The Overland is supposedly one of the bes

      • September
        • Wilson's Prom & Camel's Hump
          First of all, a hearty G'day to all the Morris people that are coming back online. Are your mailboxes full? I thought so... heh This will be a short one, I promise :)

          Listen to These Adventures Three
          G'day, Our story this time begins about three weeks ago. I got it into my head that I wanted to go snowboarding in the Australian Alps. After making a few phone calls, I managed to squirm into a full ski club trip to Mt. Hotham (supposedly the powder capital of Australia).

          We left e

      • August
        • Three Day Weekends Rock
          Life goes on in Melbourne... The weather has become more like what we were told to expect, cold (by their standards) and rainy. It is quite strange, it can be sunny one minute and then downpour the next. My goretex jacket and waterproofed backpack are coming in handy.

          • Penguin Parades and Related Sillyness
            Lesse, what has gone on in the last two weeks...

            I went to an overnight orientation put on my the international office and the housing service. We traveled down the Morrington peninsula by coach. We stopped at a couple of scenic spots on the coast, can't seem to remember the names, ve

          • I Come from a Land Down Under...

            Skyline of Melbourne, looking at the footbridge across the Yara river.

            I had two expectations upon my arrival: a) my checked bag had been routed to Bor

      • 2009
        • October
          • About this blog
            Hello, this is my new blog.

            Right now most of the entries are trip reports I wrote about my travels over the last 15 years. These trip reports were first emailed to friends and family, and then I later posted them on my web site. I guess it turns out I was blogging before they had eve

      • 2006
        • April
          • Keith and Johan's European Vacation
            Hello again, A few months ago, my friend Johan came to me with a serious problem. He had several weeks of vacation time to burn and a brand new Honda CR-V. It didn’t take long for us to concoct a plan: I would fly to Sweden and we would drive to the Alps. This more or less was the entire pl

      • 2005
        • April
          • Confessions of a Muppet
            Hello everybody! After a brief stay in Cambridge last fall, I headed back to North America to attend the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference in Vancouver, BC. During the conference I presented a demo of my Speech Dasher work, getting a lot of good feedback. The coolest thing I

      • 2004
        • December
          • What I Did on My Summer Vacation
            After completing another degree (I'm now a BA MS M.Phil) and before starting on the next degree, it was time for every student's favorite time of year, summer vacation. So I headed back to the states to spend some time with family and friends.

            • Research and Related Silliness
              With exams behind me, it was now time for the final term of my course at Cambridge. Happily, there would be no more sitting in the same cold room day-in-and-day-out listening to lectures. Even more happily, there would be no written exams at the conclusion of the term. Unhappily, by the end of the

          • September
            • Lent Term in Cambridge
              My second term of classes at Cambridge (called Lent term), was a busy time. While the first term had a lot of introductory material, this term was full-on, all the material was new and worst of all it was all examable. In hindsight (and only in hindsight), it was great- they take you from knowing

          • January
            • Michaelmas Term in Review
              Last spring, after completing my contract gig in Boston, I moved back to the Promised Land, living in northern Minnesota with my friend Kristian in his log cabin. Here I was content for awhile, doing part time computer work, part time fishing, and part time log cabin improvement projects. I took a l