Keith Vertanen

Hello and welcome! I'm currently an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science at Montana Tech. Here you can find information about my research, including publications and software. You can also find out what I do for fun, including photography and travel.

My research interests include human-computer interaction (HCI), recognition-based text entry, mobile interfaces, machine learning, and crowdsourcing. In particular, I am interested in enhancing the communication capabilities of users with disabilities.

What's new:

Recent video highlights:

Eyes-free touchscreen interface, allows users to type on a mobile device without visual feedback.

One-step correction of recognition errors using voice, voice + eye, and voice + touch.

Speech Dasher, a correction interface using speech and navigation by pointing.

Parakeet, correcting recognition errors on a touch-screen mobile device.

Music video featuring the people and projects of the freshmen computer science course 135 and 136 at Montana Tech.